Data Management

Data management is one of the daunting tasks in research. Whether your sample size is 10 participants or greater than 10 thousand participants, choosing the right data management tool is one of the steps towards ensuring quality data that will help you achieve reliable results.
Use REDCap, a widely used secure web platform for building and managing online databases and surveys. REDCap is rich in features that enhances data quality, security and professionalism while at the same time being user friendly.
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Fast & Flexible

Go from project creation to starting data collection in less than one day. Customizations and changes are possible any time, even after data collection has begun.


Secure Access

Create and design your project using a secure login from any device. No extra software required. Access from anywhere, at any time..



Use built-in features (API) to move data to/from your project. Build your own custom software development features to connect your project to other systems..

How we will help you


Project Hosting & Maintenance

We will help you setup your project and provide hosting and project maintenace services for the duration of your project.


Designing Data Collection Instruments

We will design the data collection instruments that will be used to collect data in your project and make the neccessary updates when required to do so.


User Training & Support

We will provide either physical or remote user training and support to your project team.

Work with us

Reach out for our support, we are keen to work with you on your project to ensure that you achieve your desired goals with ease.